Employee Engagement Survey Best Practices

Employee engagement is a critical aspect in the success of any organisation. It plays an important role in encouraging a positive work environment, increasing productivity, and reducing turnover.   One effective tool organisations can use to measure and improve employee engagement is the employee engagement survey. This article will explain some best practices for conducting […]

The Downfall of Human Connection: Why High Volume Recruiting is Broken

  The rise of technology has turned high volume recruiting into a numbers game. This often comes at the expense of human connection. It’s time to fix this. Why high volume recruiting is broken As an employer, there’s no worse feeling than having to go out and find new talent. This is often not part […]

Leading a Workforce Empowered by New AI Tools

New AI technology enables anyone to become a programmer — opening doors to faster analytics and automation but also presenting big challenges. Organizations need policies and strategies to manage the chaos created by what Tom Davenport calls “citizen developers.” Davenport is a professor of management and information technology at Babson College, and he’s been studying how employees are using new AI tools and […]

How to Create Training Videos for Your Employees

    Creating training videos is crucial for engaging and effective learning, leading to growth and prosperity of employees and business. Discover how to create videos to enhance employee performance and productivity. Training videos have emerged as the most effective tool for employee onboarding. It is understandable companies are reluctant to hire unqualified candidates. But […]